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Despite not necessarily being classed as a ‘household name’ in the antivirus world, Trend Micro are still a big company, with consistent billion dollar revenue figures. The company have made their name in the computer security market by growing to dominate the server security area, running as the top global server security provider 6 years running, earning them a company valuation of $5 billion. Their website claims that they have protected systems from over 100 million threats and counting and have been in business for almost 30 years, so they are experienced in protecting computers to say the least. Trend Micro may be industry leaders in safeguarding servers, but how do their personal use products stack up?

Trend Micro


Windows Compatible

Apple Mac Compatible

Android Compatible

iPad/iPod Compatible

Reliability and Security

Trend Micro’s cloud solution is a very effective way of reducing effect on computer power, but what effect does it have on the reliability of the software? As far as we can tell, none at all. Their antivirus has a great reputation in the community, but their effectiveness is hard to compare due to their refusal to partake in standardized tests from Virus Bulletin since 2008. However, they do continue to score well in other tests, winning awards left, right and centre from commendable sources. The software is extremely easy to use, with the computer scans and helpful information right on the app’s doorstep.

Removes Malware
Removes Malware

Detects and removes malicous software on your computer like viruses, adware or spyware.

Removes Spyware
Removes Spyware

Spyware secretly monitors what you do on your computer. Its aim is usually to capture passwords, banking credentials and credit card details.

Web Protection
Web Protection

Detect which websites are safe and can be trusted. Block malware websites and downloads.

Real-Time Protection
Real-Time Protection

Real-Time protection runs in the background and monitors your system continuously, blocking malware before it gets on your hard-drive.

Removes Adware
Removes Adware

Adware is malicous software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as banners or pop-ups.

AV-Test Top Product
AV-Test Top Product

AV Test Top Product Award


Scheduled Scans
Scheduled Scans

Set your own scheduled for system antivirus scans including what locations to scan.

Password Manager
Password Manager

Easily manage and keep all your passwords secure in one place.


Remote managment of Windows firewall or built-in advanced firewall tools.

Support and Customer Service

Support isn’t hard to access with Trend Micro and it’s extremely helpful when you need it. They have an extensive online knowledge base which is packed with information as is likely to answer the majority of your questions. You can also reach tech experts through live chat, email and over the phone. A great addition to the Trend Micro support line up is the use of a forum, where users of their products can reach out to one another to ask questions. You can also search through questions that have been asked before, which can be a good alternative to using live chat (you have to fill out a large form before being able to use live chat, so in some cases searching for the answer yourself is quicker).

Phone Support
Phone Support

24/7 phone support for billing and technical questions.

Customer Reviews For Trend Micro

L Taylor - 4 months ago

Price differences in auto renewal and manual - double the price for manual renewal. On hold forever to speak to customer service rep as we were charged twice for same subscription - two different prices one was $79.95 and one for $39.95. Over one hour on hold - not enough service representatives to handle their volume. Price for computer and no other devices $39.95 and price for computer and five other devices $39.95. Found out that info by accident. Not up front with pricing. Not happy with their service at all.

Trend Micro Features

  • Removes Malware
  • Removes Spyware
  • Web Protection
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Removes Adware
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Password Manager
  • Firewall
  • Phone Support
  • Windows Compatible
  • Apple Mac Compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • iPad/iPod Compatible
  • AV-Test Top Product

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