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TotalAV offer a fantastic, easy to use product which includes a free virus scan complemented by a full system healthcheck. Protecting your computer and mobile device from malware, adware and spyware. This antivirus offering is one that has impressed us so much we have awarded it this high ranking. Choosing to use TotalAV as your antivirus of provider is nothing short of a great idea - they will rarely be beaten on price and functionality.

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TotalAV offer a free antivirus scanner, once installed they will scan your computer for all types of threats and report back the results in an easy to understand format. The scan will also access your system for ways it can increase its performance by giving you a complete system tune-up option. TotalAV’s website features a breakdown of all aspects of the product to give the user an idea of value - the total value comes to over $300! The product is great value for money, there is no doubt about it.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

TotalAV’s protection from malware is one of the strongest parts of the product, which is integrated into the product in a way which manages itself, making it extremely easy to use. Installation takes no more than one click and a short sign up form, the case is the same for starting a scan. The full system and real time scans will work silently in the background, constantly and consistently checking on potential threats and the overall health of your PC. Results are displayed in a clear and concise format making it easy to understand what issues your computer has and an option to instantly fix the issues discovered.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

TotalAV’s customer service is what takes the product from very good to great, with multiple contact options and wonderfully easy access to information. If you don’t like to wait around for a reply to an email, you can start a chat with a TotalAV expert who will be able to answer and resolve any query, from technical issues to billing problems. Having such easy access to support is very important in 2016, as even if products are becoming more simple and easy to use, the technology to support chat is readily available and it’s effectiveness is undeniable. It’s worth opting for a product which has chat support, even if it’s slightly more per month; luckily, TotalAV include it at no extra cost! You can choose upgrade your support experience with Priority Support if you feel like you need it, it means your tickets go right to the front of the queue.



As we have mentioned the slick and fast virus scan is one of the best we have tested, there are added features like file manager, enhanced firewall and system booster. As well as the exceptional protection from malware on your desktop or laptop, TotalAV offer protection for your iOS and Android devices too. You can clear up wasted memory taken up by duplicate and burst photos. On Android, your options are far more open with the ability to protect from mobile malware (which is surprisingly more common than expected). A feature packed offering that really does tick all of the boxes!!

Customer Feedback For TotalAV

Top antivirus!! - 4 days ago

Really happy with my purchase - thank you top10bestantivirus for the recommendation. Price is very reasonable for the amount of features on offer and my PC already seems to be running a lot smoother than before!!

Bill Lipfird - 1 week ago

This is one amazing program. I have used a lot different AV programs and was using AVG Pro for several years, but this software blows all of them out of the water. With all of the great features like Duplicate and Junk search which is not offered by any of the others I've used, you can't go wrong. Highly recommended. Thanks you for this fantastic software. Bill

Riley W - 2 weeks ago

Without a doubt, the most efficient, reliable antivirus software. I have used Norton, Bitdinder and a few others, which were not as reliable and easy to use. Very cost effective. Would highly recommend.

Andrew - 2 weeks ago

Very Good AV for MAC users

THE BEST 😃 - 2 weeks ago

I hade adware that opened random websites for new tabs and very inappropriate ads my trackpad was also glitchy then I downloaded TOTAL AV I checked and NO MORE ADS NO MORE RANDOM WEBSITES FOR NEW TABS MOUSE FIXED LOVE THIS IT SAVED ME I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND IT !!!!!!!!! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY

Home Alone - 2 months ago

Had MacAfee since beginning of time. Last 2 years I have been besieged by Trojan, ransom. You name it. Computer cleaned from top to bottom 3 times yearly 200. additional. Customer service is over logged with let me transfer you, codes, and it's just too big. I liked this system immediately. No longer listening to anyone but PC magazine until I find a better source and I am not looking for one.

pdinc - 2 months ago

Excellent program, technical advise problem in recommending one to purchase upgrade

Courtney - 2 months ago

The perfect solution. End of.

Super Consultant - 2 months ago

Just switched away from Trend which always made my machine slow and sluggish. Total AV is faster, more intuitive, and so far has protected my machine just as well. Very happy customer.

Dave - 2 months ago


ProPCUser - 3 months ago

Awesome product, in depth features and great price!

HappyCustomer - 3 months ago

Really really happy with my purchase, so easy to install and use! Happy Customer right here.

jane amponsah - 4 months ago

thank very much i will recommend it to my friends to it thank's.

Ric Glass - 4 months ago

AVG free has been sliding down the rankings for the last few years, it has become bulky and useless often clogging my tiny 32 gig hard drive with leftovers. I still havent worked Total AV functionality out yet but Qihoo free was destructive and i try them all, Total AV so far so good

June Peacock - 5 months ago

Was recommended this by a guy from my office and i'm pretty happy so far. Not very PC savvy but managed to set this up no problem.

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