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ScanGuard are a reliable, full system antivirus scan, which competes with all the big antivirus players. gives users a refreshingly simple to use antivirus package. It was clear that their software was going to be amongst the market leaders from the outset, thanks to the integration of a number of quality security features beyond simply antivirus functions. Their primary focus is based around safeguarding all the devices of their users, which is shown instantly as they offer protection for 3 devices at no extra cost (available with the cheapest option). ScanGuard only offer 1 product, so you won’t find yourself with another decision to make beyond picking the brand. rate Scanguard as the best all round security suite online.



Windows Compatible

Apple Mac Compatible

Android Compatible

iPad/iPod Compatible

Reliability and Security

Lets bring focus back to the core function of the software - the antivirus. Whilst we don’t have data from comparative organisations, we can certainly vouch for their reliability from our own usage. The product provides the same anti malware functionality (full system scans, background scans and real-time scans) as the most highly regarded companies in the industry, so we have no reservations in testifying their efficiency in protecting your device from threats. The program is perfect for those who are totally or even slightly not technical - installing the software is extremely easy and using it takes minimal effort.

Removes Malware
Removes Malware

Detects and removes malicous software on your computer like viruses, adware or spyware.

Removes Spyware
Removes Spyware

Spyware secretly monitors what you do on your computer. Its aim is usually to capture passwords, banking credentials and credit card details.

Web Protection
Web Protection

Detect which websites are safe and can be trusted. Block malware websites and downloads.

Block Phishing Websites
Block Phishing Websites

Block 'spoof' websites designed to steal your personal information, normally after clicking a fake email.

Real-Time Protection
Real-Time Protection

Real-Time protection runs in the background and monitors your system continuously, blocking malware before it gets on your hard-drive.

Removes Adware
Removes Adware

Adware is malicous software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as banners or pop-ups.


VPN Internet Security
VPN Internet Security

Browse anonymously and securly online. Encrypt your connection to the Internet to block hackers from intercepting your data.

Scheduled Scans
Scheduled Scans

Set your own scheduled for system antivirus scans including what locations to scan.

Password Manager
Password Manager

Easily manage and keep all your passwords secure in one place.


Remote managment of Windows firewall or built-in advanced firewall tools.

Identity Protection
Identity Protection

Identity protection from Experian intergrated to protect your idenity on and offline.

Browser Manager
Browser Manager

Easily allows users to clear history, cache and tracking cookies from their web browsers.


Includes tools which will help with the speed and optimization of your computer.

Support and Customer Service

ScanGuard haven’t held back in any area, especially with support. If you have an issue, you can have it resolved in seconds by using their chat feature. The chat feature enters you into an instant messaging conversation with an engineer from the company. When we tested this feature it took only a few seconds to connect with someone from ScanGuard, which made the whole process extremely smooth. After all, when you hit a roadblock, the last thing you want to do is have to wait a few days to hear back via email! If you are more old school, you can email or phone their support team.

Phone Support
Phone Support

24/7 phone support for billing and technical questions.

Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support

Customer service includes live chat for a quick respsonse to any issues.

Customer Reviews For ScanGuard

Carol Winters - 1 year ago

Got Scanguard yesterday on a first time customer bargain deal. I downloaded on 4 of my devices. I had been using McAfee for the last 20 yrs. Each of my computers is loading programs much faster with Scanguard. On one computer, the wifi would cut out a few times an hour. Now it is not cutting off any more. I contacted the Chat twice, and it is Sunday, and both times i received a very quick and helpful response to some general inquiries. I love the interface, attractive and very easy to use. I plan on staying with this company. The comments I have read online about the company's legitimacy are pretty lame. I am a Windows 10 user.

Redge - 1 year ago

I installed SCANGUARD on my system a few months ago and have no issues. It also offers a VPN service - I'm using it now - but the evaluation chart indicates otherwise. There should be a check mark there!

Reynold McEathron - 1 year ago

One really sweet program. Haven't seen my desktop and 2 laptops run so smoothly. I fix my own pcs, so I tried it on a couple of harddrives I thought were dead do to viruses, it brought them back to life. Going to check the other drives I have. Thankyou.

Robert Wyatt - 1 year ago

The only antivirus anyone needs.

Jay Pearson - 1 year ago

One word! AWESOME!! Really good, easy to use and fantastic customer support!

kenny - 1 year ago

Works great pc runs fast vpn is great best protection on the market thanks gain.

John - 2 years ago

Great product!

Tilly - 2 years ago

support is great and the product is even better. so happy

Roshelle - 2 years ago

Very easy to use

Adam Petterson - 2 years ago

Great program!! Love the support feature!

Ken Doughtey - 2 years ago

Nice app. Well done on a great product!

Ken Doughtey - 2 years ago

Nice app. Well done on a great product!

K.King - 2 years ago

I highly recommend it very well ..i feel very confident using it

Andrew White - 2 years ago

brilliant, easy to use, customer support was there and actually helped. Would recommend this to anyone without question or hesitation.

Ken Doughtey - 2 years ago

Nice app. Well done on a great product!

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ScanGuard Features

  • Removes Malware
  • Removes Spyware
  • Web Protection
  • Block Phishing Websites
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Removes Adware
  • VPN Internet Security
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Password Manager
  • Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • Browser Manager
  • Tune-Up
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Windows Compatible
  • Apple Mac Compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • iPad/iPod Compatible

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