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PC Protect offer a great all round, fast and effective way of protecting your PC. With no shortage of features and competitive pricing, it’s was extremely hard to overlook this up and coming company and their products when putting together a favourite antivirus providers. What really impressed us about PC Protect was the focus on protecting as many aspects of your digital world as possible, something other antivirus brands often leave as an afterthought. With PC Protect, you can protect the device from local attacks, internet threats, browsing data theft, mobile vulnerabilities and even completely encrypt your browsing data, keeping your online activity totally private.

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    Overall rating


You can use PC Protect for as little as $4 / month, which is a great price when you consider the value of the product. For the same price as a small fast food meal per month, you can completely protect a number of your devices (including mobile devices) from hack attempts, snooping and malware. The value for money factor played a big part in our decision to rank PC Protect so highly, as whilst protecting your computer and mobile devices is important, it’s crucial that your don’t overspend trying to achieve a safe level of protection. There are many options faced by consumers looking to purchase a product in this field, from the very low priced solutions to the extremely expensive ones. PC Protects antivirus product is a great choice because it isn’t costly and provides quality security for your devices.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Installation to PC’s, laptops and mobile devices is a breeze, you don’t need any technical inclination to download and set up the software at all. The antivirus, for all intents and purposes, needs no input and runs itself. It’s only when you want to customise the frequency of the scans or extra information is needed from you that you will have to input. An good example of when the scan will need extra information is if duplicate files are found, in that case, the software wouldn’t just delete the duplicates found, but ask for your confirmation first. In terms of reliability, the software is brilliant. Technically, PC Protect employ industry leading malware protection software, making reliability one of their strongest points.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

Support is normally the area which low priced solutions fall behind the more expensive solutions, luckily this isn’t the case with PC Protect. As part of the package, you have access to live chat support with experts from the company. This is on top of the in-depth guides supplied on how to install, uninstall and use the product. Their chat support is great, I was connected to an agent within seconds and, whilst I can’t guarantee that every agent is extremely helpful, my experience with the company rep was brilliant. If you had any issue with the technical side of the product or with billing, you can be confident that the chat support is more than sufficient enough to resolve it.



As well as offering an outstanding anti-malware solution, PC Protect go one step further by integrating multiple features into their software. Not only does PC Protect offer market leading Antivirus, they offer enhanced security features such as System Boost, Real-Time Security and Enhanced Firewall. The ability to protect iOS and android devices proved the most valuable part of the product on top of the malware protection. To top it off, you can even use a VPN on your phone as part of the app!

Customer Feedback For PC Protect

The BEST!!! - 3 months ago

I bought it and cleaned my PC in seconds!!!

Philip - 10 months ago

That's me sorted. Can see this working for me forever!

Steph - 11 months ago

Cleaned and sped up my PC - great work.

Jack Sleep - 11 months ago

Did a free scan, picked up lots of threats and then got rid of them all! Seemed to speed up my computer too! Nice work!

Sally Gretly - 11 months ago

Really nice looking app, pretty simple to setup! 5 stars!

Edd Fleshly - 1 year ago

Lots of competition, chose PCProtect and so far so good. Pretty cheap too which is a bonus!

Pete Barnes - 1 year ago

AWESOME!! Great work guys!!

Stacey Kemp - 1 year ago

Thank you PC protect really pleased with the software, really like the customer portal. Great work guys!

Julies Stokes - 1 year ago

Came across this site and glad I did, chose PC Protect and couldn't be happier with my choice.

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