Really competitive price, generous amount of licences for base plan.


Feature set leaves a lot to be desired.

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One of the most recognizable brands in the antivirus industry, Norton have been in the game since 1991. In the first half of 2007, Norton held a 61% market share of antivirus / security suite products, making them the household name in PC protection. Despite their success in the market, they have been subject to a lot of criticism in the media ­ as you can imagine, through being such a high profile name and having a widely used piece of software, any blunders from Norton results in mass upset. Norton is infamous for it’s convoluted uninstall process, their removal tool only removing certain aspects of the product and leaving others, but should this affect your choice when deciding on an Antivirus software?

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    Overall rating


At $49.99 per year for 5 devices, Norton’s main antivirus product is reasonably priced to say the least. While most people will not need the 5 licenses, but it is useful to be able to protect your phone (Android or iOS) as well as your main computer. Do be warned, you will find at the end of the first term that you are billed almost double what you initially paid, at $80. (Norton says the renew cost is ‘Subject to change’, which basically means they can set it to any price they like before renewing you. This gives us the impression that Norton are going to charge much more than the initial rate of $49.99 when it comes to the end of the first year!) For your cash, Norton offers a 100% guarantee to help keep your device(s) virus­free, or they will offer you a refund. Interestingly, the guarantee isn't to keep your device virus­free, but to simply ‘help’ keep it virus­free. We found Norton to be fair value for money, as the feature set supported the cheap price.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Given Norton’s experience in the antivirus / PC security arena, you should expect a quality malware removal tool with little-to-no hitches in performance. (A slip from such important software can mean the end of your PC) Unfortunately, expectations don’t necessarily match up to reality with Norton’s antivirus product. In antivirus tests, Norton’s antivirus all to often picks up completely docile software as dangerous. In a usage case, this means that the software may flag up your pre-existing, completely safe software as a threat to your safety, rendering the otherwise harmless software unusable. (If you follow the software’s advice and quarantine it)

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

Norton are often shamed for their customer support, with many reported cases of Norton ‘security experts’ telling users their computers are infected and need to be fixed. Of course, there never was an infection and the security experts charge the user a fee for it to be ‘fixed’. We never felt so much as ‘conned’ by Norton support, but there we certainly weren’t impressed by it. Getting to a point where you can speak to a human at Norton for help isn’t as easy as it should be, your best bet is searching Google for the ‘Contact Us’ page. When you do reach it, you are offered ‘Live Chat’ support, which is a great way of offering and receiving support in the antivirus market. As well as live chat, Norton offer support over the phone. Annoyingly however, you have to fill out a form to get a number to call. In situations whereby you require support, you are likely to already be disgruntled. If you then had to peruse their website just to find a way of contacting them, it would annoy you even more. Consider this when making your decision on Norton.



At $49.99, you don’t get many features beyond protection from ‘viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats’. Your online transaction are identity are safeguarded and you can manage all of your devices and their antivirus software from a web portal. For an extra $10 per year, on Norton Security ‘Premium’, you get all aforementioned features as well as family safety tools, 25GB of cloud storage and automatic file backups. These are some great features as they build on the idea of protecting your computer and it’s users from online dangers. For example, cloud storage and automatic backup can safeguard your files from physical loss or attack. (if you lost your laptop, your files would still be available in the cloud)

Customer Feedback For Norton

john waters - 2 months ago

I got hit with "infected computer" scam when I renewed last year ! Cost 160 dollars , then they call me every so often wanting to fix it again !

Theron Patrick - 2 months ago

Norton works. That simple phrase is critical.

Anthony - 2 months ago

Norton is hands down the best and most dependable and I have used Norton for over 20 years! The comparisons shown in this article are laughable because they show Norton not having several key features THAT THEY CLEARLY DO HAVE! Is this just a lip up, or poor research, or an outright fabrication by the author?

Lawren - 2 months ago

Works fine, the price is constantly increasing once you install the product. They are now charging me $129.99 for one PC that I use on an occasional basis. I am looking for a cheaper alternative.

Ron - 2 months ago

This program sucks and is extremely heavy on the memory! I installed it on a PC and then had their tech optimize my PC and he completely ruined my pc and wiped everything! Norton sucks and I would never us anything from them again

FusionPilot - 2 months ago

Have had Norton on my Mac for over 25 years. It seems to work as I have never been infected; however recently it has "crashed" several times and I have had to goto the Norton website and download a "Remove Norton" terminal package, then reinstall. It takes an hour or so to do all of this, and frankly it's irritating. At some point, if the problem persists, I'll switch to something else - Norton is "on probation" for now.

Joyce - 4 months ago

I have used Norton for years I have only had to ask for help from customer service twice and both times got to live chat with people who corrected my problem right away.

ERNEST - 4 months ago


Jean - 4 months ago

Don't know where you get $49 per annum from. I have always paid around $99. That said, I have used Norton for 13 years and had no problems with it, when I look at the logs and see what 'rubbish' phishing scams and other nasties it has blocked it is worth every penny. I have always downloaded whenever I have got a new pc and had no problems removing it from the scrapped pc. If you leave some of the pre installed antivirus on a new pc you will find Norton does not like them, just uninstall them. Finally, I often have a double check with malwarebytes but it does not find anything Norton has missed.

chuck - 4 months ago

I have been with Norton for many years. to keep cost down buy Norton at the store instead of renew online . I am happy with Norton 360

AJO - 4 months ago


Jim - 5 months ago

Excellent product all round. Very cost effective with superiour customer service all round if required. Others tried do not come anywhere near what Norton offers. Very easy to install in multiple devices.

MANUEL MENDOZA - 5 months ago


John Sundby - 5 months ago

Tried to install store bought Norton av on my tablet and ran into no end of trouble. Support was unable to help me. Who would ever believe entering the product code could be so frustrating! Avoid at all cost!

Avoid! - 6 months ago

Crashed on me twice and now won't run. Refund.

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