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One of the top brands in the antivirus market since it’s inception, McAfee Antivirus (named after the company founded by the product’s famed creator ­ John McAfee, who resigned from the company in 1994) quickly rose to heights in the late 90’s as the most proficient antivirus software available. Now owned by Intel Security Group (purchased in 2010 for a cool $7.68 billion), the McAfee antivirus products are still a powerhouse in the market, banking on almost 30 years of experience offering PC protection products. Now a 30 ­strong arsenal of products, McAfee have a lot to offer in the cyber protection world, from protecting your mobile phone to safeguarding large organization server bases, but what can they do for you in protecting your computer, and are they worth trying?

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    Overall rating


McAfee base antivirus product, ‘McAfee Total Protection’, has a $49.99 / year price tag and a slew of awards advocating their product, which is a great indicator of good value for money. This initial assumption is supported by a strong feature set, offering much more than just removal of different types of malware. The base product seems to be a culmination of a number of other products in the McAfee range, pulling features from many different security solutions they offer in other packages. The icing on the cake is the ability to ‘Protect every device you own with the same subscription at no extra cost’. This looks past what other antivirus companies offer as ‘multiple licenses’ and we think it is a great addition to the service. Overall, McAfee proves itself to be well worth the $50 price tag.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

As mentioned in the features section, McAfee antivirus software is generally very reliable and, in the most recent test, above industry standard. According to usage tests, it’s the same story for the product’s usability… With no false detection's of legitimate software as malware, McAfee antivirus is miles ahead of the industry average (5, out of a possible 1,328,235). This makes for a great user experience and a refreshing lack of mistaken flagging up of harmless software which is all too common in antivirus products. The user interface of the product is very simple and easy to navigate, unlike other antivirus software with good feature sets.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

If you need support it is relatively easy to get, you can choose between chat support, email support and phone support, all available around the clock. During a period of high volume, we only had to wait 2 minutes to connect with a representative at McAfee via chat support, so we can vouch for their availability. Their support avenues aren’t just good for helping with the product, they are also a great way to brush up on your linguistics as they offer phone support in 10 different countries and 5 different languages, as well as chat support in over 20 languages.



McAfee is filled with great features, from safely storing passwords to permanent deletion of sensitive files. The product feels and acts like McAfee haven’t skipped corners on features protecting the user from online threats, they even go as far as building in a feature which prevents you from spreading malware and SPAM. In terms of the basic functionality, McAfee antivirus products continue to score well with comparative organizations. In a recent test from AV­TEST (a respected organization in the antivirus market), the latest McAfee product picked up 98.1% of new malware samples and 99.9% of the existing malware samples. (Industry average of 97% and 99% respectively)

Customer Feedback For McAfee

Carolyn - 4 months ago

Does not protect computer from malware. I can't wait until my subscription runs out so I can go back to Norton>

rebecca - 4 months ago

good protects ongoing malware problem.

Tarzan - 4 months ago

I am well pleased with McAfee products, the best on the market. I don't understand those bad reviews but then again we all have our experiences. As for me their products are the best and highly recommended, just read the experts reviews and from my experience they are tops. I have been using various antivirus software for years and just renewed my subscription.

Allan Councill - 5 months ago

McAfee is what I use, however it did not catch one of the (hold your computer for ransom) Trojans/virus, I turned to Kaspersky lab for help and they got it out and I got back to doing business S I am wondering if McAfee is really protecting my computer thinking of changing.

Ramon - 5 months ago

My computer was running very slow and internet always kept directing me other site. I ran McAfee scan and found nothing this when on for a few weeks. I finally decided to take my computer to a technician. He loaded another antivirus program and ran a scan and found approx. 68 malware threats and 224 virus. I contacted McAfee technical support and I was told that all other antivirus vendors always say that their program found virus as a sales pitch. But in this case is not true because I physically watching the scan ran and physically saw the threats found. Before quarantine them We ran McAfee and again found nothing. So I have being paying McAfee for approx. 8 years and now I am concern about not getting what I paid for. If you google the top 10 antivirus program McAfee comes in the 5th or lower place. The top one is a lot cheaper. So I am going to discontinue McAfee and go with another company. Bye McAfee you are no longer going to be stealing my money.

Don - 5 months ago

BEWARE!!! Installed McAFEE and was plagued with problems. Demanded a refund and the ONLY option given was to attach proof of purchase to an email that required my bank account number and routing number. It's a SCAM so far as I'm concerned.

martin jackson - 5 months ago

Told me three months before expiry date that protection was about to expire. I dismissed their pop-ups but my account was debited without my permission 30 days before it became due.

sean brundell - 5 months ago

still have loads of pop ups and ads on the web mcafee total protection cannot get rid of them and their online help is always down completely useless avoid at all cost

sean brundell - 5 months ago

still have loads of pop ups and ads on the web mcafee total protection cannot get rid of them and their online help is always down completely useless avoid at all cost

Ed - 5 months ago

I had Techmate Concierge and McAfee all access for 10 months. The last month Techmate staff were contradicting each other. This week Techmate told me to contact McAfee to solve a McAfee problem. McAfee told me there was no problem. I played this circle jerk twice more and then cancelled auto renewal and removed the McAfee program. Time to try something new.

Andy B - 5 months ago

Comes as a freebie with my e-mail package. Worked fine with Windows 10 on my old PC (32-bit), but I had probs getting it to stay installed on my new 64-bit PC: it kept tripping out leaving Windows Defender to cover for it. Un- and then re-installed it, but it now monitors only Google and Mozilla and not Internet Explorer searches! Have also had some mysterious shutdowns. I can't be ****ed around like this and am looking for a replacement - maybe even WD + MalwareBytes if that covers site searches!

marie - 6 months ago

I am a spark customer.This is free for me. No problem ,love it.

Thomas - 6 months ago

Way over-priced after many years of holding up in the market. Splitting the software up into groups of end user needs was a grave mistake. Shameful and greedy Intel corporate leaches may have overlooked credibility to produce quantity. Guess I will try AVG for a while and see who sucks up their reputation in the future wars.

Carol - 6 months ago

It was already installed on my Acer with windows 10 laptop at the time of purchase; after crashes and hackings that also included getting into my bank account, I discovered that McAfee is not compatible with the windows 10 operating system; it only goes up to widows 8. What a waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony - 6 months ago

Unreliable updates. Repeatedly have to run their repair tool in order to get system to install updates. By "coincidence" the updates started working 3 weeks before the latest subscription was due! After several years of use and the last 12mths with update problems I'm over it and now going else where.

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