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One of the top brands in the antivirus market since it’s inception, Mcafee Antivirus (named after the company founded by the product’s famed creator ­ John McAfee, who resigned from the company in 1994) quickly rose to heights in the late 90’s as the most proficient antivirus software available. Now owned by Intel Security Group (purchased in 2010 for a cool $7.68 billion), the Mcafee antivirus products are still a powerhouse in the market, banking on almost 30 years of experience offering PC protection products. Now a 30 ­strong arsenal of products, McAfee have a lot to offer in the cyber protection world, from protecting your mobile phone to safeguarding large organization server bases, but what can they do for you in protecting your computer, and are they worth trying?



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Reliability and Security

As mentioned in the features section, Mcafee antivirus software is generally very reliable and, in the most recent test, above industry standard. According to usage tests, it’s the same story for the product’s usability… With no false detection's of legitimate software as malware, McAfee antivirus is miles ahead of the industry average (5, out of a possible 1,328,235). This makes for a great user experience and a refreshing lack of mistaken flagging up of harmless software which is all too common in antivirus products. The user interface of the product is very simple and easy to navigate, unlike other antivirus software with good feature sets.

Removes Malware
Removes Malware

Detects and removes malicous software on your computer like viruses, adware or spyware.

Removes Spyware
Removes Spyware

Spyware secretly monitors what you do on your computer. Its aim is usually to capture passwords, banking credentials and credit card details.

Web Protection
Web Protection

Detect which websites are safe and can be trusted. Block malware websites and downloads.

Real-Time Protection
Real-Time Protection

Real-Time protection runs in the background and monitors your system continuously, blocking malware before it gets on your hard-drive.

Removes Adware
Removes Adware

Adware is malicous software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as banners or pop-ups.


VPN Internet Security
VPN Internet Security

Browse anonymously and securly online. Encrypt your connection to the Internet to block hackers from intercepting your data.

Scheduled Scans
Scheduled Scans

Set your own scheduled for system antivirus scans including what locations to scan.


Remote managment of Windows firewall or built-in advanced firewall tools.


Includes tools which will help with the speed and optimization of your computer.

Support and Customer Service

If you need support it is relatively easy to get, you can choose between chat support, email support and phone support, all available around the clock. During a period of high volume, we only had to wait 2 minutes to connect with a representative at McAfee via chat support, so we can vouch for their availability. Their support avenues aren’t just good for helping with the product, they are also a great way to brush up on your linguistics as they offer phone support in 10 different countries and 5 different languages, as well as chat support in over 20 languages.

Phone Support
Phone Support

24/7 phone support for billing and technical questions.

Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support

Customer service includes live chat for a quick respsonse to any issues.

Customer Reviews For McAfee

D B - 2 weeks ago

McAfee was recommended when I purchased my brand new computer. It made everything SO slow it took forever to get to a page. It might have kept the viruses and malware away but I was SO aggrevated at the speed at which it worked I returned it. They would not take it back even with a receipt. I then had to contact the company MANY times and almost a YEAR later I finally got my money and only after being persistent on returning their protection. I do not recommend it. It has left a bad taste in my mouth and customer service is not good....just like the product for me.

DR. GW - 3 weeks ago

Has performed well on all platforms and operating systems

Margaret K. - 3 weeks ago

It has always worked for me, for the last 5 years. Will continue my subscription again this year.

John H - 3 weeks ago

Has worked great for many years.

JAMES CLEGG - 1 month ago

junk crashed my mac would not update no refund after i month

forluc65 - 1 month ago

for gaming its the worst. no matter what you put your settings at or what their helpline tells you it crashes your gaming as it cuts in when it wants to and anything else I was doing like watching videos, music etc... there is no way to stop this and having experienced this with Norton, neither is worth buying.

Mukesh Ram - 1 month ago

if you want best antivirus features & results get the Mcafee LiveSafe subscription which includes every thing along with excellent protection.

Josiah Kegg - 11 months ago

Works well... if you get the Mcafee LiveSafe subscription which includes firewall, real-time protect, a web protection program, along other great features

Val trudeau - 11 months ago

should be available in local currancy.

David Starks - 1 year ago

It doesn't work with Amazon Fire - which isn't listed on their site so I had to waste an hour purchasing, attempting to install and then getting their confirmation that it doesn't work to then get my money back

Jon Yamamoto - 1 year ago

Its rubbish !! won't stop anything ! the best antivirus I found is Sophos the new Beta version stops all I've had no spam or any other interference since installing. None of the antivirus programs you advertise here work so you obviously just get paid to tell a bunch of lies .

John klement - 1 year ago

Honestly it rubbish and I am hit daily with multiple SPAM emails that IT can't seem to stop. Stay away from. Do not dial 1877 840 4885 ( USA location) Ever or you will get robed, for lot of money!!!

Viktor Rownan - 1 year ago

Get this for free through my bank, and it protects all my devices, even Android based E-ink reader. Have no complains. McAfee Works great.

Stephen Cooper - 1 year ago

Forced to use this at work, a paid business version. Honestly it rubbish and I am hit daily with multiple SPAM emails that IT can't seem to stop. Stay away from.

winnie - 1 year ago

I bought this a little over 6 months ago to support us for a year and now it says its been expired. We did not even have it for a year. Very disappointed.

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McAfee Features

  • Removes Malware
  • Removes Spyware
  • Web Protection
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Removes Adware
  • VPN Internet Security
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Firewall
  • Tune-Up
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Windows Compatible
  • Apple Mac Compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • iPad/iPod Compatible

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