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Kaspersky, founded in 1997, and supporting 200 countries and territories is probably the dark horse of all antivirus software, it’s not the most well known (ranked third largest consumer security firm in the world) even with their 400 million users. Bear in mind AVG has around 200 million ‘active’ users and is probably the most popular software out there! Similarly to AVG, Kaspersky has a broad range of products from total security to password management software and is arguably the best designed software on the market, with it’s awesome user interface and thorough virus­detection algorithms. In 2014 the company was granted with the “AV­Test ­ Best Performance Award” for its minimal impact on system performance in all tests of solutions for home users ­ which shows they care about the running of their customer’s devices, obviously this is great news for those who are concerned about software using too much memory or processing power.



Windows Compatible

Apple Mac Compatible

Android Compatible

iPad/iPod Compatible

Reliability and Security

Kaspersky’s detection rates are amongst the highest of all security software, so immediately you’ll think, this is definitely a good piece of kit, however this can become a nuisance as some reports say that the software is “too safe” and therefore has a detrimental affect on your machines’ performance. Nevertheless with a little tinkering around with the settings you can make the software work well, very well infact and you can definitely rely on it catching out those nasty downloads. In terms of the design of the software itself, the user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, so when it comes to tinkering around you shouldn’t have any problems navigating through the backend.

Removes Malware
Removes Malware

Detects and removes malicous software on your computer like viruses, adware or spyware.

Removes Spyware
Removes Spyware

Spyware secretly monitors what you do on your computer. Its aim is usually to capture passwords, banking credentials and credit card details.

Web Protection
Web Protection

Detect which websites are safe and can be trusted. Block malware websites and downloads.

Real-Time Protection
Real-Time Protection

Real-Time protection runs in the background and monitors your system continuously, blocking malware before it gets on your hard-drive.


VPN Internet Security
VPN Internet Security

Browse anonymously and securly online. Encrypt your connection to the Internet to block hackers from intercepting your data.

Password Manager
Password Manager

Easily manage and keep all your passwords secure in one place.


Includes tools which will help with the speed and optimization of your computer.

Support and Customer Service

No matter what security product you purchase, you will receive the same 24/7 online sales support, technical support via phone, live chat, email and knowledge base and not to mention products come with a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee on all purchases.

Phone Support
Phone Support

24/7 phone support for billing and technical questions.

Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support

Customer service includes live chat for a quick respsonse to any issues.

Customer Reviews For Kaspersky

steve-steve - 1 week ago

One of the best I have ever used . I would highly recommend it. Don't believe this KGB ---BS

Mr Doo - 1 week ago

now tell me why i would want to use a Russian antivirus in the USA?

tochka - 1 week ago

do not install this kaspersky, worst antivirus ever

Vlachucha - 2 months ago

This is very dangerous. KGB, russian government.

forluc65 - 2 months ago

this is the best for people with gaming computers. never has it ever tried to override my games, videos, music etc... The BEST I have ever owned

David F. - 2 months ago

I am impressed with it. It does its job and doesn't slow down the computer while doing it. I would highly recommend it.

Keith Graham - 1 year ago

Very impressed. it does not slow my computer and fixed the one virus I have caught in over 9 years of use. Hats off to the genius who came up with this. All the others I tried were awful, clunky, slow and insecure.

JL - 1 year ago

been using these for past 5 years and no issues, changed from Mcafee as that was slowing machine and didnt detect a virus that had been around for about 9 months. Great software and have used cust service a couple of times and all was very good

pugger - 1 year ago

Kaspersky customer service is terrible I would never use them again i have Total Security program but my computer has been infect 2 times in a short time.

Stephen Cooper - 1 year ago

Kaspersky has come a long way but still has a long way to go to gain credibility as a force to be reckoned with.

Jacob - 1 year ago

Tried to renew my license, but got continuous error. Customer service was awful, the guy kept asking questions that I already answered several times. Would not recommend.

Don - 1 year ago

I have been using Kaspersky for over five years (backed up by Matwarebytes) and have never had a virus. I find it easy to use & non-intrusive. It never interferes with any other programs and I personally have no reason to switch.

K - 1 year ago

Kaspersky is a hacker working for the KGB. Be careful, do not get into this threat. This company is a spy working for the Russian government. STAY AWAY!! This company will steal your personal information.

David T - 1 year ago

Works better than any I have used before.It gets anything that looks funny.Some people dont read how it works ,then they have a problem and blame Kasp.Ive had it since XP.The Best

John Long - 1 year ago

Using Kaspersky for over 15 years - top notch product. Some features are very usefull, like applications control for instance. The only "problem" it is more paranoid than most antiviruses - just like myself :-). Never had any security incedents on pc's protected by it. The fact that it is owned not by USA (CIA) company - one of The selling points to me.

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Kaspersky Features

  • Removes Malware
  • Removes Spyware
  • Web Protection
  • Real-Time Protection
  • VPN Internet Security
  • Password Manager
  • Tune-Up
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Windows Compatible
  • Apple Mac Compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • iPad/iPod Compatible

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