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Detection rates can be excessive despite regular scans.

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Kaspersky, founded in 1997, and supporting 200 countries and territories is probably the dark horse of all antivirus software, it’s not the most well known (ranked third largest consumer security firm in the world) even with their 400 million users. Bear in mind AVG has around 200 million ‘active’ users and is probably the most popular software out there! Similarly to AVG, Kaspersky has a broad range of products from total security to password management software and is arguably the best designed software on the market, with it’s awesome user interface and thorough virus­detection algorithms. In 2014 the company was granted with the “AV­Test ­ Best Performance Award” for its minimal impact on system performance in all tests of solutions for home users ­ which shows they care about the running of their customer’s devices, obviously this is great news for those who are concerned about software using too much memory or processing power.

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    Overall rating


Due to Kaspersky designing and selling such a variety of products (even when it comes to security suites alone) it’s hard to know which version of the software you should consider using. The most popular and most widely used security products are Antivirus, Internet and Total Security suite. Prices start from $34.99, $39.99 and $49.99 per year, per license, respectively. 3 user licenses are also available.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Kaspersky’s detection rates are amongst the highest of all security software, so immediately you’ll think, this is definitely a good piece of kit, however this can become a nuisance as some reports say that the software is “too safe” and therefore has a detrimental affect on your machines’ performance. Nevertheless with a little tinkering around with the settings you can make the software work well, very well infact and you can definitely rely on it catching out those nasty downloads. In terms of the design of the software itself, the user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, so when it comes to tinkering around you shouldn’t have any problems navigating through the backend.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

No matter what security product you purchase, you will receive the same 24/7 online sales support, technical support via phone, live chat, email and knowledge base and not to mention products come with a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee on all purchases.



The features per suite vary greatly but as the name suggests 'Total Security' includes the most and incorporates all of what antivirus and internet security have, plus more! Saying that, all of these features could easily be an overkill for the standard user and the basic antivirus suite is most likely to be adequate for you, but for an extra $15 per year, would it be rude not to make use of those extra features?

Customer Feedback For Kaspersky

Margie - 1 week ago

I'm surprised by the things people say Kaspersky has caused for them. It does not interfere with Edge, or Outlook or give out a lot of pop ups on my PC. I've been very pleased with K. I had some issues getting it installed and the customer service helped me get that resolved with no problems.

Thad - 1 month ago

The customer support is lousy. It's very difficult to get in touch with someone who knows the product well and really can help right away. I have had a few issues, but could not get help in resolving them. It takes days, even weeks, until you get through their "clerical support", explaining over and over the same issue and providing all kind of reports, while those people just following their procedures. What a waste of time.

Rick - 1 month ago

I have had Kaspersky Total Security 2017 since Aug 2017. I was told that Windows 10 and Edge were compatible with Kaspersky. Then I found out the Safe Money feature did not like Edge and went to Explorer. Other problems have arisen and the help desk's 1st response is to blame them on Edge. They are still trying to resolve an issue with their software, that I reported over a week ago.

Michael - 2 months ago

I have Kaspersky Total Security 2017 version which I downloaded a few days ago - it totally blocked my internet access in Firefox saying that the site was unsafe - this is even worse than the previous version which gave the option of to "continue or quit" - terrible software - I am generous at 1 / 10 Mike - Ireland

Dani - 2 months ago

You can try every expensive AV software on the market, do scans every day but they still leave some files/programs. After installing and after first scan with Kaspersky you will see the result - at least 3-5 infections left from previous software. The best program since first release!!

Brian Pollard - 2 months ago

Kaspersky might offer good protection, but in my Win 10 system, it stops Outlook working properly and stops Microsoft Edge working altogether. Operation can be restored by turning of Kaspersky, and rebooting, but this is just a nuisance

Mary - 2 months ago

Great software and support. No complaints.

Val - 2 months ago

I've Been with them for a Long Time Now,They have Been great too Me.Did Gave Me A great Deal too!

Freddy - 2 months ago

Not bad but support isn't great and the app actually crashed on me once, that wouldn't have been an issue if support was there to help me.

Johann Sneygans - 3 months ago

I've tried it and it did not work for me. I went back to AVG the trusted one.

Walt Newman - 3 months ago

Needs better support, finding it hard to install.

Mack Freeley - 3 months ago

Not bad at all, nice app and easy to install.

Walt Newman - 3 months ago

Needs better support, finding it hard to install.

Mike McLaren - 3 months ago

Used Kaspersky for many years but not for much longer. It has developed from a behind the scenes type program into something that's in your face all of the time. Recently had to rebuild my PC and trying to get a working activation code for the disk I bought at the time has proved impossible. With a year left on the protection I'm shopping elsewhere.

David Powell - 3 months ago

Don't bother its rubbish. I brought this from the shop I've used for many years. His had to give me a refund this antivirus is that bad. When I installed it, it brought in a lot of rubbish, I'm sick of the pop ups the antivirus keeps putting on my pc. It keeps warning me of threats that are not there. I only had in on my pc for 3 weeks and that was enough. If you buy this you are buying yourself a lot of trouble and problems.

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