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Support could be improved on with long response times.

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Bitdefender, over the last few years, has been one of the most highly regarded antivirus products, and for good reason. A relatively new company, compared to others in the antivirus space, Bitdefender have quickly established themselves as one of the leading brands with over half a billion installs / active users to date. There are 17 products to choose from, a number of which are for personal use (the type are concerned about and will be reviewing!). You can protect your PC, Mac and Android with BitDefender. Consistently performing better than the industry average, Bitdefender antivirus products have grown to become one of the most well respected brands in the industry. But how do they match up in 2016? Are they still one of the top choices?

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    Overall rating


To begin using Bitdefender, you must either pay the $40 yearly subscription or start a 30 day free trial. Either way, you get access to the same feature set, so it’s definitely worth opting for the free trial to start. When it comes to purchasing the product, for just over $3.20 / month you get protection on 3 devices. For an extra $40 you can opt to have your antivirus installed and configured for you, which could be useful if you were completely technologically­illiterate and had no time at all, but in general this isn’t worth the money. There are tons of guides online, on BitDefender and externally, showing you how to install the software. In terms of the product itself, the relatively low monthly price commands a great feature set. You get much more than just virus protection with Bitdefender’s software.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

You can find many different examples of organizations and reports commending Bitdefender on their product’s reliability and efficiency, supported further by their impressive collection of awards based on the software’s ability to pick up malware and ignore harmless software. The reliability of the antivirus should be no concern at all when considering Bitdefender. It’s also very easy to use. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand, within a few seconds you are aware of your current level of protection and what is turned on / off in terms of features. Also, you can start a scan immediately. The only potential level of confusion is the 3 different types of scan, but a little product research can dissipate this.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

Bitdefender have some great support avenues you can use if you are stuck. They are easy to access and offer quality support, whether you choose email, community support, chat or phone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all plain sailing with Bitdefender’s support. When we tried to use the chat support there weren’t any agents available, it was suggested that we email instead! In the case that a vital piece of software to you has been flagged as malware, you would need an answer quicker than 2 days time. We tried to reach Bitdefender’s chat support 4 times over a 20 minute period, we were unsuccessful every time! It would be naive to assume that this is representative of their chat support all the time, but it certainly doesn’t leave us with much confidence in their ability to help customers.



Bitdefender’s antivirus software is packed full of useful features, from Social Network Protection to Sensitive Anti­fraud tools. The most interesting feature is called ‘Rescue Mode’ ­ it makes a lot of sense to have in an antivirus and, surprisingly, we’ve not seen it on any other product of it’s kind. The premise is simple: in the occasion your antivirus is infected with a Rootkit (a type of malware which cannot necessarily be removed from within the Windows operating system), the computer is automatically rebooted and safeguarded. Rootkits are some of the most dangerous pieces of malware and they are devilishly hard to conquer from an Antivirus point of view. Bitdefender have nailed it by including ‘Rescue Mode’ on their software. Another smart tool is the ‘Bank Online Without Worries’ feature, which pre­fills credit card information forms online to help protect you from hackers intercepting this info via snooping or key­logging.

Customer Feedback For Bitdefender

Wooow - 5 months ago

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus.... ridiculous...

Amanda - 7 months ago

Very average.

James Lucas - 7 months ago

Watch out for their hidden automatic renewal.

Derek Hemsworth - 7 months ago

Good for me, I think it should be rated higher from my experience with bitdefender.

Johann Sneygans - 8 months ago

I've tried this and AVG is still the best for me. Bitdefender did not work for me.

John Bidwell - 8 months ago

Saw some iffy reviews on this but bought and seems ok to me.

Hannah Stevenson - 10 months ago

Not for me. 5/10

Ron Campbell - 11 months ago

There's better out there, don't settle for second best. Support for me was average, no agents available on live chat.

Brad Porter - 11 months ago

Thank for helping me choose, great write ups.

Brian Dobson - 1 year ago

Bitdefender is my favourite security suite and i've tried all of the big names. Thorough and quick scans, can't go wrong.

Nicholas Ellis - 1 year ago

I've recently transferred from AVG and I honestly regret the decision, its just doesn't feel as premium.

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