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Avast! is an antivirus software developed by a Czech Security company called Avast Software. The company was founded in 1988 so has been around for almost 2 decades! Within this time the software has had plenty of peaks and troughs like any normal company, but it's coming into it's own now! As of 2016, Avast! had 400 million users and around 40% of the market share (outside of china). With offices in the US, Germany, China, South Korea and Taiwan is a giant. Last month (September 2016), Avast bought AVG for $1.3 billion!

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    Overall rating


Avast concentrate massively on their free solution which is very good, but we are reviewing all paid solutions as we believe they contain a lot more features and protect you more effectively. Avast!'s Pro Antivirus comes in at $39.99 for the year but only protects 1 device which isn't normal these days, most companies offer at least 2 or 3 devices in their standard protection as so many people use multiple devices daily. A huge bonus is that you can download a full, licensed version of their software and use it like a paid user for 30 days and there is no commitment to them either, if you don't like it, uninstall the program and off you go.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Avast! has stacks of awards and certifications under its belt, so surely this must say a lot about the quality of the product? Well yes, in a way. Critic reviews and awards aren't handed out like free cheese at a supermarket, a lot of testing is involved. Awards don't say it all though, software is updated daily so awards can quickly become irrelevant, so we performed our own testing. To be fair, the software is smooth, quick and looks beautiful.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

No live chat is a big negative with Avast!'s support but then again they do offer 24/7 phone support, so that almost makes up for lack of live chat. Their site is absolutely gorgeous and very easy to navigate around. We'd go as far to say that this is the nicest site out of the companies we've reviewed, with Scanguard in a close second. But what does a good site actually do? Trust us, when you're on a website trying to find support for over 10 minutes you'll appreciate a good looking and easy to navigate site. Big thumbs up for Avast here!



Avast!'s Pro Antivirus is packed full of useful tools, from the obvious Intelligent Antivirus to a Password manager and a Browser Cleaner. There is however one feature that stands out to us, Sandbox! This is an awesome feature which allows you to test any file(s) before actually running it, whether that file comes from a download server from the internet, torrent file or even a friends USB drive. This is the ultimate tool for safety and think this could be the start of something new, it's certainly innovative and works very well.

Customer Feedback For Avast

Michael - 1 week ago

Installed Avast now my computer freezes up crap

Stephen Cooper - 2 weeks ago

Slows down you computer and network, too many hidden agendas. Not worth the money. Best to stay away fom.

Paladin117 - 2 weeks ago

I have always found their support to be outstanding and I would rather talk than chat anyway . There are add-ons which I gladly pay for and I like that they send me accurate reminders and DO NOT charge me unless I ask them to. I rate this far higher than Norton, McAfee or if they still exist the dreaded Symantec. The other program I used was AVG - so the rich get richer.

axelXkane - 3 months ago

AVAST Software is the one to install but you have too pay to play and it's not going to put you in the poorhouse , Get it

Rumen Ivanov Tsonchev - 3 months ago

It isĀ“nt free really. It makes the computer slow. Some PC functions are lost. Trash.

Evariste Galois - 3 months ago

***** Long-time customer, big fan, satisfied. One of the things Avast is known for is protecting against the recent in-the-news ransomware Wanna Cry(pto). There's a "ransomware shield" they distributed. I've had no flaws, no lockups. I've been in the tech business for 38 years and am choosy about what I put on my machines. The licenses aren't just single-machine - you can buy multi-seat licenses. Avast doesn't restrict their products to just anti-virus, all bundle together to create a nearly impregnable machine. I don't let my guard down, however, but I do rest easier knowing what I've seen it block (and notifies me).

robert engels - 3 months ago

I had Avast anti-virus installed on my desk top, I had to take my computer to the local Devise store to have 2 viruses removed, do not feel I got a good value with Avast. stop

H.B. - 3 months ago

Terrible customer service. They auto charged my credit card $179 because I purchased it 2 years before and apparently agreed to auto-renewal. My original payment was $79, I did not agree to the extra $100. I called Visa as I thought this was a fraudulent charge, they then charged me $11 of management fees. An absolutely disrespectful interaction with the employee. A free antivirus is just as good as this.

Daniel - 4 months ago

Avast is a very good anti-virus it runs smoothly and hassle free but if you have an old computer running window vista like I had do not use the optimiser feature it rendered my old computer useless damaged files and my computer could not boot anymore and was rendered useless!

Ron McCumber Insider Windows 10 Pc 2 1/2 & around 9 months Mobile both fast. - 4 months ago

Being an Insider for Windows 10 & a little older ( a customer of Microsoft for right around 25 years) that before I could answer a question about Defender better if I actually used it. I also made it quite clear That I use an Home preview evaluation Copy & because I am set to Fast (90%) are set to slow, we at times as much as 6 months ahead of the Home Version so that concerned me. They said they would go in & look at it for an extra $10.00 & check it out. Now that's $79 +$10 = $89.00. Well if you have ever had the hour glass following the pointer ,you know you have to anti-virus fighting each other. So I got back to them 12 hr. later. They said let us go back, ok. I set there 2 hrs. & called them back. They said we couldn't go in because I was doing something, yes waiting. When they saw that wasn't working they said my computer wasn't fast enough. 16 GB RAM i7 Intel 1000GB HD, running at 72 Mbps. They said we have 3 hrs. on it, I'm thinking they must have slipped through a wormhole but a $50.refund was better then nothing , So it was better then nothing they keep $39. Microsoft must have something because they would let me print it even though I could it. Did I mention only 2 of the 4 functions worked. I uninstalled it.

james - 5 months ago

Works perfectly for me ,highly recommended.

Pete - 5 months ago

Product support : no human contact.

Jon - 5 months ago

Avast updated to it's newest version, and now blocks any website(aka ALL websites) that reports advertising data. It is a full-on train-wreck, and there is no way to make those websites allowable. It basically went from...."meh, I guess I'll leave Avast on my computer", to "Hecks NO, get that crap off my harddrive." BIG thumbs-down.

ikeadafarbe yea that's me if u find me here ask me on yootub i'm rlly here yay - 5 months ago

i use avast since 2007. it warned me about threats and i never got infected. i recommend!

Eugene - 5 months ago

Just days after I purchased product A malware attack put my computer down . The problem was a command was introduced to stop the computer from booting up . with no discs with new computers I was stuck. After 450 for a new computer running windows 10 and McAfee not one problem. I would not recommend this.

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