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With well over 200 million active users, AVG is one of the biggest companies in the antivirus space. Founded in 1991 out of the Czech Republic, AVG is now worth nearly a billion dollars, and for good reason ­ their antivirus solutions are some of the best on the market. AVG have an arsenal of 24 different products, all specialising in a certain type of protection on a certain type of device. As part of the 24 products is HideMyAss! VPN, which ties in with PC protection / online safety very well. With multiple Virus Bulletin 100 Awards every year (a highly commended award in the antivirus world), AVG’s antivirus products are well known to be efficient in removing malware and strong in feature set, but are they the best in today’s market?

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    Overall rating


AVG’s entry level antivirus product, named simply ‘AVG Antivirus’, starts at just $39.99 per year for 1 license, making it a relatively low cost product. Unfortunately, the cheap price is represented in the product as it lacks any ground­breaking features! But don’t get me wrong ­ it’s a great antivirus product that does the basics very well. Due to the low price, I’d say it’s good value for money, but you can’t overlook a lack of features when picking an antivirus. AVG’s top antivirus, named ‘AVG Protection PRO’, starts at $59.99 per year for 1 PC. What do you get for the extra $20? A boat load of cool features! Anti­spam, shopping protection and protection on your Android phone.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

As AVG are such a well established product, you won’t be surprised to hear that their software is extremely reliable, thorough and easy to use. You can read thousands of testimonials from users online explaining how easy the software is to navigate and manage, simply set up and regular scan then let it run and deal with the results. Utilising the extra features like LinkScanner and Family Safety is easy enough at a very basic level, but if you want to delve into advanced settings you can expect some hard core configuration. Although, the learning curve is wonderfully balanced out by helpful chat support.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

Support is an area where AVG do not fall behind the competition in any way. As well as having awesome chat and phone support, AVG are keeping up with the times and offer their customers and potential customers support through Facebook and Twitter. To go even further, AVG also have a community of users accessible through their website. You can compose your own question and submit it to the community, or search through previous questions and answers. It really is a complete support system - at no point did we feel like we were being left to our own devices. (If you’ll pardon the pun)



A good example of the minimal extra features beyond just simply antivirus on the entry level product from AVG is the ‘Link Protection’, which pre­scans web and social media links for explicit or dangerous content (UPDATE: this feature is now available on the free version of AVG’s antivirus). To go into more detail on the aforementioned ‘AVG Protection Pro’ features: Anti­spam is a very well received feature in the antivirus community, as it is inherently linked with keeping your computer safe. Bringing protection to your android phone is a also a great extra and is worth parting extra money for (only if you have an android phone, of course!).

Customer Feedback For AVG

Denise Hough - 1 month ago

I have used AVG for years but in the past two weeks something is definitely hinky with it. They wanted me to do the usual up-date, I did, and now I have AVG search engine showing up that I do NOT want and now way to get rid of it. So now I am definitely in the market for a better program. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone ever again

Mary Hamilton - 3 months ago

Have used AVG for years but after duplicating a renewal and ending up with a product that I though would cover my android and laptop now find out that it will not work on android have asked for a full refund of both payments. Their customer support is hard to find and hopefully the refund will not take long as the payments made a big hole in my bank balance. Now looking for a new Antivirus company

Ian Lundy - 3 months ago

Please, please, do not deal with this company!! I purchased the 'Ultimate' package online. It would not install properly. When I contacted them, they wanted £169 to make it work!! They dropped to around £60 after arguements. The next day, as this package is supposed to be multi-device, I tried to install it on my other laptop. Same problem! Same sales pitch when I spoke to them. They said that the tech support I had paid for the previous day was for one device only. I told them to get lost. Since then, I have had four occasions when AVG were found to be the culprits. Each time, they tried to make me pay £169 to fix the problem, blaming everything from out of date drivers, to Microsoft downloads. Each time I have hung up the phone, went to 'uninstall/change on my control panel, clicked 'change', and then clicked 'Repair AVG' on the screen that appears. I think there has to be a serious question raised about this company's ethics.

Paul - 3 months ago

Absolutely Brilliant Service. The best I have used and the software works!

Tom P - 3 months ago

Nagware !!!!!!!

Andrew Hogan - 3 months ago

Once a reputable company, AVG and Avast are operating a scam, taking money from customers without their knowledge or consent for software that isn't even being provided. In some cases, they have actively hacked Paypal accounts to get money from customers who do not operate with them via Paypal. This started when Vincent Steckler. who has a history of fraudulent activity, took over as CEO. For more information, read

Axol - 3 months ago

Do not touch with a barge pole. This is scamware. If you don't upgrade to their premium software it will take over your computer/router and change the settings so that your network becomes inoperable. Extremely difficult to uninstall. Having to buy expert help to sort my problem out. Use Windows own Defender/Firewall or for a free one use Avast which I have never had a problem with.

mike - 4 months ago

is the best i have been using it for years never had a problem with it

mike - 4 months ago

Avg is the best have been using it for years never had a problem with it

Martin. - 4 months ago

Installed on My brand new laptop and it still took over an hour to defrag it. Then when I went to the website to ask about the HMA Pro offer The website said that I had not even purchase the product and that I was not registered. The opp stated that they were having problems with their system and it would be working again in 24 to 48 hours but it's been 4 weeks and it still does not recognize Me as a paid product owner.

Robert - 4 months ago

Tried to install business anti virus a month ago and it wouldn't install. Their tech support sucks. They have supposedly been working on this for a month, never got a call or e-mail back from them. Have been on the phone for an hour today first with tech support and then trying to get through to sales to get my money back. All I get is elevator music.

Janet Sandy - 4 months ago

Uninstalled it today after using it for years. Kept having problems with Watch Dog freezing up my computer. Support staff did not seem to know about this problem, which is well known according to online info from various sites. Will try another product now.

David Kelly - 4 months ago

We have been an AVG customer for over twenty years, and have never had a virus infection. We ran the Security Pro for three PCs by subscription, and three free versions for our Androids. Upgraded to the ZEN package with no limits on machines six months ago. I think ZEN is still a work in progress. Not easy to get rid of the free apps even when ZEN is installed. And now there always seems to be another new app that they want you to purchase. I was happy just being safe!

jon - 5 months ago

plagued by pop up messages telling me I had threats, all they are trying to do is force me to purchase extra support. This is worse than any virus. I have been forced to uninstall and they have given me a refund.

Gordon - 5 months ago

Great software .... been a customer for 5 years now....

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