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With well over 200 million active users, AVG is one of the biggest companies in the antivirus space. Founded in 1991 out of the Czech Republic, AVG is now worth nearly a billion dollars, and for good reason ­ their antivirus solutions are some of the best on the market. AVG have an arsenal of 24 different products, all specialising in a certain type of protection on a certain type of device. As part of the 24 products is HideMyAss! VPN, which ties in with PC protection / online safety very well. With multiple Virus Bulletin 100 Awards every year (a highly commended award in the antivirus world), AVG’s antivirus products are well known to be efficient in removing malware and strong in feature set, but are they the best in today’s market?



Windows Compatible

Apple Mac Compatible

Android Compatible

Reliability and Security

As AVG are such a well established product, you won’t be surprised to hear that their software is extremely reliable, thorough and easy to use. You can read thousands of testimonials from users online explaining how easy the software is to navigate and manage, simply set up and regular scan then let it run and deal with the results. Utilising the extra features like LinkScanner and Family Safety is easy enough at a very basic level, but if you want to delve into advanced settings you can expect some hard core configuration. Although, the learning curve is wonderfully balanced out by helpful chat support.

Removes Malware
Removes Malware

Detects and removes malicous software on your computer like viruses, adware or spyware.

Removes Spyware
Removes Spyware

Spyware secretly monitors what you do on your computer. Its aim is usually to capture passwords, banking credentials and credit card details.

Web Protection
Web Protection

Detect which websites are safe and can be trusted. Block malware websites and downloads.

Block Phishing Websites
Block Phishing Websites

Block 'spoof' websites designed to steal your personal information, normally after clicking a fake email.

Real-Time Protection
Real-Time Protection

Real-Time protection runs in the background and monitors your system continuously, blocking malware before it gets on your hard-drive.

Removes Adware
Removes Adware

Adware is malicous software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as banners or pop-ups.


VPN Internet Security
VPN Internet Security

Browse anonymously and securly online. Encrypt your connection to the Internet to block hackers from intercepting your data.

Scheduled Scans
Scheduled Scans

Set your own scheduled for system antivirus scans including what locations to scan.


Remote managment of Windows firewall or built-in advanced firewall tools.


Includes tools which will help with the speed and optimization of your computer.

Support and Customer Service

Support is an area where AVG do not fall behind the competition in any way. As well as having awesome chat and phone support, AVG are keeping up with the times and offer their customers and potential customers support through Facebook and Twitter. To go even further, AVG also have a community of users accessible through their website. You can compose your own question and submit it to the community, or search through previous questions and answers. It really is a complete support system - at no point did we feel like we were being left to our own devices. (If you’ll pardon the pun)

Phone Support
Phone Support

24/7 phone support for billing and technical questions.



AVG Features

  • Removes Malware
  • Removes Spyware
  • Web Protection
  • Block Phishing Websites
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Removes Adware
  • VPN Internet Security
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Firewall
  • Tune-Up
  • Phone Support
  • Windows Compatible
  • Apple Mac Compatible
  • Android Compatible

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