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With well over 200 million active users, AVG is one of the biggest companies in the antivirus space. Founded in 1991 out of the Czech Republic, AVG is now worth nearly a billion dollars, and for good reason ­ their antivirus solutions are some of the best on the market. AVG have an arsenal of 24 different products, all specialising in a certain type of protection on a certain type of device. As part of the 24 products is HideMyAss! VPN, which ties in with PC protection / online safety very well. With multiple Virus Bulletin 100 Awards every year (a highly commended award in the antivirus world), AVG’s antivirus products are well known to be efficient in removing malware and strong in feature set, but are they the best in today’s market?

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AVG’s entry level antivirus product, named simply ‘AVG Antivirus’, starts at just $39.99 per year for 1 license, making it a relatively low cost product. Unfortunately, the cheap price is represented in the product as it lacks any ground­breaking features! But don’t get me wrong ­ it’s a great antivirus product that does the basics very well. Due to the low price, I’d say it’s good value for money, but you can’t overlook a lack of features when picking an antivirus. AVG’s top antivirus, named ‘AVG Protection PRO’, starts at $59.99 per year for 1 PC. What do you get for the extra $20? A boat load of cool features! Anti­spam, shopping protection and protection on your Android phone.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

As AVG are such a well established product, you won’t be surprised to hear that their software is extremely reliable, thorough and easy to use. You can read thousands of testimonials from users online explaining how easy the software is to navigate and manage, simply set up and regular scan then let it run and deal with the results. Utilising the extra features like LinkScanner and Family Safety is easy enough at a very basic level, but if you want to delve into advanced settings you can expect some hard core configuration. Although, the learning curve is wonderfully balanced out by helpful chat support.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

Support is an area where AVG do not fall behind the competition in any way. As well as having awesome chat and phone support, AVG are keeping up with the times and offer their customers and potential customers support through Facebook and Twitter. To go even further, AVG also have a community of users accessible through their website. You can compose your own question and submit it to the community, or search through previous questions and answers. It really is a complete support system - at no point did we feel like we were being left to our own devices. (If you’ll pardon the pun)



A good example of the minimal extra features beyond just simply antivirus on the entry level product from AVG is the ‘Link Protection’, which pre­scans web and social media links for explicit or dangerous content (UPDATE: this feature is now available on the free version of AVG’s antivirus). To go into more detail on the aforementioned ‘AVG Protection Pro’ features: Anti­spam is a very well received feature in the antivirus community, as it is inherently linked with keeping your computer safe. Bringing protection to your android phone is a also a great extra and is worth parting extra money for (only if you have an android phone, of course!).

Customer Feedback For AVG

John Ernst - 3 months ago

Subscriptions have doubled and the product is not as good - have been using AVG since it started but not anymore - it has invasive adware for AVG products I don't want and they keep popping up. Even in the program itself it wants vault most threats rather than deal with them. Since it was bought out it seems to have lost a lot of its mojo.

Manfred - 3 months ago

Most annoying Program on my PC. Supposedly free, but keeps nagging for (paid) upgrades every day. Reporting alleged performance issues on my new PC, and suggest to install paid upgrades to resolve. This feels like a SCAM program. Definitely not a recommendation. Uninstalled, time to move on!

jerry - 3 months ago

I bought this pos a year ago, had problems from day one , My computer hasn't operated properly since it was installed. When I tried to get help, all I got was excuses from a person I could barely understand. All they want to do is sell you their premium package. I finally gave up, and am just waiting for my contract to expire. I advise anyone that deals with these people to read every word of their contract , you would be amazed at what you are in for !!

Kris Moosampa - 3 months ago

Yeah, you think it's good but wait till you want to try something else, this program is like the ' Hotel California ' ...... you can check out any time you like but you can never leave, I tried to uninstall but there were remnants all over the place, like slug trails on the patio they kept appearing from nowhere. Don't say you weren't warned .... ' peace ' !!

Prof paul - 3 months ago

Fed up with all the' pop up' messages telling me I had threats, all they are trying to do is force the consumer to purchase extra support. This is nearly as bad as any virus. I am going to uninstall AVG and go with another anti-virus provider. I'm afraid when I hear the name AVG, I say 'barge pole'!

Mike - 3 months ago

Last couple of upgrades have restricted access to many sites and badly affected a number of sites. For example, Twitter no longer shows videos and a number of sites simply refuse to load. Time to remove it and try another.

Sylvain Béchamp - 3 months ago

First I've been using for over 20 years AVG free.Now for the last 1½ year it's been a pain.Why they updated their software into bugoff software. I do not understand that.Everything was pre established my Antivirus would work around the clock.Now everthing is manual and other than internet online protection all other features are a nag and a drag.So this is where I draw the line.Goodby AVG you are more pain than gain.And those super pop-ups are more than annoying. They distract us from our working environment.

Jack Bookout - 4 months ago

BEWARE of trying the 'PC tune-up and Maintenance' free trial from AVG. It worked fine until the trail period was over then I began to get extremely slow boot up times (30 min to 2 hours) and repeated freeze ups with Win 10 error messages of 'memory management' . 'page fault in non-paged location', etc. Since my motherboard, cpu , and memory was over 7 yrs old- I replaced all 3.only to find that the problem was still there. After finally removing the program- my computer works fine.

Mark - 4 months ago

Horrible. The free version was ok and you would expect the paid version to be even better but it was FAR worse. It wouldn't run the scheduled scans. The same scans in the free version took DAYS with the paid version. Tech Support just made excuses stating they had updates and patches so basically, they knew about all these problems. Glad I only paid $30 because it's not worth a plum nickel.

Ron Jones - 4 months ago

Used to be good, now pop up ads for extra features. Too much of "it knows best", no editable list of exceptions. going to ditch this one.

Trevor Jonas - 4 months ago

I had to re-install Windows 10 some 2 months ago and then re-install all my programmes. AVG Internet Security would not allow me to enter my existing licence number so I contacted AVG technical assistance. Unbeknown to me I ended up talking to AVG Go which charges for help ($169). I protested that I had a current licence and did not understand why I had to pay extra simply to activate the software. They reduced the fee to $80 but I had to pay before they would proceed. I had no problem installing any other software and activating it and the Windows 10 version had been re-installed by my local IT retailer using the latest updates only a couple of days earlier. I subsequently found out that AVG Go is a division of AVG but operates separately. Clearly I am not happy and I am currently awaiting AVG response to my complaint regarding the over charge. Having used AVG for 10 years I don't have a problem with the product but I do with their treatment of customers.

Bill - 4 months ago

AVG has went in with Avast and both have massive lawsuits on them. They will keep taking and taking once you pay them. My personal problem was that my speed test performed was graded at an 'F' level. I uninstalled the program and then I was back in the 'A' range. It was very bothersome and not worth the waiting times. Be careful...

Janet - 5 months ago

This company charged me twice for the same product, although did offer me six months extra free in place of a refund. Recently their 'Tune-up' and Internet Security products stopped working and engineers were unable to remotely sort the problem. I am therefore not benefiting from a service for which I have paid £120 in total and yet I am not entitled to a refund since it's past the thirty day cooling-off period. Quick to grab the money from you, reluctant to give it back when things go pear shaped. Not impressed!

Jean Owens - 5 months ago

Has let through 1 virus on my laptop and 3 on my pc.

Lynn - 5 months ago

Was using AVG for 6 years, even to buying it last year. Started getting excessive banners and pop-ups for AVG products. Couldn't slow them/get rid of them or talk to them. Got Rid of Them!

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