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Choosing the perfect antivirus software is a tough task, with so many antivirus companies available all offering different protection, features and pricing. Luckily we have done some of the hard work for you and let you compare some of leading antivirus programs in the market. Use our comparison tools to help you choose the right antivirus software for your protection needs. We receive advertising revenue from some partners, check our advertising disclaimer for more information.

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With a seemingly endless amount of pc protection solutions to choose from, it can be hard to make sure you get the right product for you. Here are some top tips and valuable information which will help you make your decision..

Biggest Antivirus Companies and Their Stories
Biggest Antivirus Companies and Their Stories

The security software industry is worth around $100 billion dollars, so there is certainly room for some big companies and great stories.

The biggest company in the security software space is Symantec, the company behind Norton Internet Security and antivirus products, is valued at a cool $16 billion dollars and turns over $6 billion annually. Symantec had humble beginnings, founded by Gary Hendrix in 1982 with a grant from the National Science Foundation. In 1984, it was acquired by another software company, C&E Software, starting a long line of acquisition for the then small business. C&E Software adopted the Symantec name and worked through ‘til November 1985 to the release of their first bi…Read More

What To Look For In An Antivirus
What To Look For In An Antivirus

With an unthinkable amount of antivirus companies and hundreds of different antivirus products which seemingly achieve the same goal, it can be hard to know which one to pick! There are a couple different factors you should consider when choosing an antivirus, to make it easier for you to decide and also to help fulfill your needs better when it comes to using the product. You may have a set of prerequisites which must be satisfied by the antivirus product you end up choosing, which is always a good start when hunting for the perfect solution in a crowded market. For example, you may have had a friend or family member affected by ransomware in the past, so you’d like for the antivirus to explicitly be able to pr…Read More